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Now, poker odds calculators are not considered as cheating by most, and aren't banned by online poker rooms, as they help players learn how to play the game better. Check out the demo below.


Hand Details

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This software monitors your online game in real-time, providing the odds of your Texas Holdem poker hand, as well as helping predict the odds of you winning versus the other potential hands that could be drawn by your opponents.

For example, the POKER SIDEKICK texas holdem odds calculator provides your actual current poker hand ranked against all of the potential hands that both you and opponents could draw next, providing a complete view of how your overall situation stacks up. It also includes tips and strategy techniques, teaching you important aspects of playing better in the process.

Seeing your hand within the overall context of all possible hands is extremely useful in:

1) learning the odds of all possible hands,

2) clearly seeing where you stand relative to the opponents,

3) Avoiding making silly, simple mistakes (like missing the fact that an opponent could be holding a straight or flush)

4) making the best possible decisions, based upon the actual odds involved.

In addition to its comprehensive poker odds calculator, POKER SIDEKICK provides an even more important, useful hand control panel, called the "Hand Details" display, as depicted below for this same hand (note: be sure to see the latest product for other enhancements not shown here):

Poker Sidekick Flop shows QK starting hand

Here we see the player's "QK" hole cards that lead to the flop described above. In this case, POKER SIDEKICK shows the strength of the player's overall hand situation, recommending a "Raise" or "Reraise" action.

These are called "poker buddy" tips, in this case "Top two pair are best.", and then it says that "You have high pairs on the board", which means your hand is more valuable (hence, the recommendation to raise/reraise). Poker buddy acts as an online teacher and poker consultant, helping you learn how to play key situations better so that you retain this knowledge and can use it again when playing in home games, tournaments or other non-online situations.

Unlike other odds calculators, POKER SIDEKICK shows teaches you about the odds and probabilities by showing your hand in the overall context of other potential hands, both now and what could still be drawn, as well as an overall indication of your hand's strength, the recommended action and the poker buddy tips and strategies that are provided in-context for that particular hand and situation.

POKER SIDEKICK was designed to *teach* you about the game in a way that helps you truly learn and become a better player - not just give you the answers and make you rely completely on the software to play. I should know...I wrote POKER SIDEKICK, for me...and now you can use it, too.

In the example below, we'll see what happens with a starting hand of "88", and the following flop:

POKER SIDEKICK Is Better Than a Basic Odds Calculator

The starting hand "88" is shown to be of a relative strength of 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, as shown graphically in the color bar-graph. The recommendation is to Bet or Raise.

As we'll see next, the flop isn't especially great and POKER SIDEKICK then recommends to Check, or just Fold if another player bets, due to the Ace overcard and the fact that the opponents have the player far "outdrawn".

Download POKER SIDEKICK, Win Texas Holdem Tournaments

Given the situation, it's advisable for the player to throw the pair of eights away, as indicated by POKER SIDEKICK odds calculator below, since there is a dangerous Ace overcard and opponents have more and better (higher probability) outs that would result in them taking you out with a straight (player only has one shot at a straight with 1 in 11 odds).

You see, it's important to have more than just a basic poker odds calculator at your side, because you need to see the whole picture in order to really understand the situation and to improve your play. Poker Sidekick is a poker odds calculator and expert system combined together into one.


POKER SIDEKICK is the best combination of a poker odds calculator and a poker expert system in one software product. Your PC can quickly compute ALL of the possible hand situations for you and your opponent, then give you the best advice on how to play in each situation. Of course, you still need to take other factors into account, like your position and the player you're up against, and what their betting is communicating. Playing the odds, though, will help you win more than you lose in the long run.

Give POKER SIDEKICK a try for FREE today.

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